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Novellas - Quick Reads to Kick Start Your Habit

Updated: Jan 14

I recently unintentionally discovered a super quick reading romance book. When I finished it in one very short sitting, I looked back at the description and realized that it was actually a "novella". The audio is roughly 4 hours, and it can be read in about the same time. I always have a feeling of accomplishment after finishing a story, and it was interesting having that sensation within just hours of starting a book.

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Novellas - Quick Reads

That got me thinking. So many people say that they don't have time to read, or they complain that it takes them so long to finish a book because they only have short periods of time that is free to dedicate to it, or that they forget character names because of the gaps in time between when they can read.

A novella completely removes those obstacles.

Novellas - quick reads that can kick start your reading habit.

The collection that I recently read was by the same author that wrote a book that I really enjoyed called The Love Hypothesis. This normal length book by Ali Hazelwood was a very light reading romance with great banter between the two primary characters, Olive and Adam (aka Dr. Carlsen). The awkward moments made me smile as Ali tells it in a way you feel like they could have happened to you. It was also refreshing to read a book where it demonstrates the importance of caring about each other and their friends in addition to the sparks that were flying.

That book sparked my interest in Ali Hazelwood's work, so I just grabbed another book of hers that was available to me. It turned out to be the 2nd in a series of three novellas, but I later discovered that the order wasn't super critical. However, to make everyone else's life easier, let's go in order for The STEMinist Novellas. The entire group is put together in Loathe to Love You, or you can check them out separately. All three of the books below are SHORT NOVELS (novellas).

These books are ideal for someone looking for:

  • An intelligent female protagonist (three engineers in varying fields)

  • Female bonding that shows the power in friendships

  • Positive focus on the STEM areas of work (especially for females)

  • Enemies to lover plot line

  • Built up sexual tension

  • A final crescendo that leaves little to the imagination (very steamy /spicy scenes)

  • Stories that you can easily finish within a weekend

Please note that while the covers of Ali's work are always drawings that may appeal to a younger audience, some of the scenes are definitely mature. I'd caution before putting it in the hands of a young teenager, for example. They do have some spicy scenes in them.

The first book is Under One Roof. Hannah has inherited a house from her recently deceased aunt, although it comes with a catch - she only owns HALF of it. The other half is owned by Liam, a big-time oil firm lawyer that is a grumpy butt and tries multiple times to buy her out. She stands firm and moves into the house needing the free room and board as she's just getting on her feet as an environmental engineer. The novella covers the first 6 months that she shares the house with Liam.

The next book is about the second of the three friends from college - Sadie, a civil engineer. In Stuck with You, Sadie has superstitious quirks (needing a very specific croissant before certain work events) and she's had a falling out with Erik after a pretty exciting courtship with him. The downside is that he works in another firm in the same building and it's not easy to avoid him. And fate doesn't make it any easier when they become the only two stuck in an elevator late one evening. Alternates between the time in the elevator and backtracking to learn how things had gotten to this point between the two of them.

Finally, the third book is Below Zero. Hannah is the final friend and she's had the dream of working for NASA. During a college class, she was required to interview someone and through a friend she was fortunate to interview a very handsome top NASA employee, Ian. They have a great discussion, and he even provides advise as to how to get into NASA. After the interview, he asks her to dinner, but she declines. Fast forward 5 years and she's working at NASA and in the same building as Ian, but he's the one roadblock to a project that she's leading so she takes matters into her own hands.

Hope you love these books as much as I did! Novellas - quick reads for the win!

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