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Firefighter Romance Novels

Updated: Jan 13

If you are looking for action packed romance, look no further! Firefighters have one of the riskiest jobs out there and it's no wonder that the stories about their lives have readers on the edge of their seat. Throw in some love interest or physical attraction, and the plotline can really combust!

Fighting blazing fires day in and day out can help strengthen team bonds as they have to depend on each other and trust the team. Romance on the job can complicate team dynamics and finding love outside of the firehouse can be very tough.

Three firefighters silhouetted against a blazing fire
Firefighter Romance Novels

I've found that many of these storylines are highly emotional, taking your feelings on a rollercoaster ride. No stranger to tragedy, firefighters are always putting their lives on the line, and in many of these stories, they've lost one of their own. That loss can wreck havoc on their mental health and it's amazing to learn how differently people handle situations.

Firefighter Romance Novels

House across the lake with lights on at dusk

The Rescue by Nicholas Sparks - This romance novel packs a lot of punch. When the primary male character is a volunteer firefighter, action and adventure with heart racing anticipation are never more than a few pages away!

Taylor is the first person to discover Denise in a car wreck on a stormy night. She's unconscious and bleeding. She comes to, but becomes frantic when she realizes that her 4 year old son is not in the back seat. The rear door is open and he's out in the storm all by himself and petrified by lightning.

Taylor calls in for help and a search party is formed. Denise reluctantly leaves the scene by ambulance to get treated for her injuries with her thoughts focused on her non verbal, mentally disabled child being all alone and scared.

The events of that night spark the love between Taylor and Denise. However, Denise discovers that Taylor rushes to save people … but runs from his own happiness.

I ugly cried the last few chapters. Even though I knew the "big story" was coming, Nicholas Sparks just knows how to bring out all the feels!

Firefighter embracing woman while fire blazes behind them

Fireproof is based on the movie by Alex Kendrick & Stephen Kendrick (Novelization by Eric Wilson). I went into this fairly blind, simply deciding to pick it up when I saw the cover and a recommendation from a friend. It turns out that this is also an older book and had been a movie before it was adapted into a romance novel. The storyline flowed so well with action and drama that I read this in one sitting. Two weeks later, I had a few friends over to watch the movie and I highly recommend it for date night OR girls night. It's got action and love with a faith based theme.

Catherine and Caleb (a firefighter) have been married 7 years, but the fire has gone out (see what I did there?!?!? Lol). Caleb's dad encourages Caleb to commit to a 40 day "Love Dare" to try to save his marriage. Are they both checked out and headed for divorce or can the turn things around?

Red and Yellow flowers against blue wall

Things You Save In A Fire by Katherine Center is another heartwarming story about firefighters. One unique aspect that really drew me into this story is that Katherine has a strong female protagonist - Cassie - as the main character in the firefighter role. I love when novels show the sheer strength and resilience of women in positions that are often traditionally male dominated.

Cassie shows right from the start that she can be stubborn and will not cower to others. She makes a life changing decision and decides to move back to Boston to provide assistance to her mother. That means leaving her team behind and working at a new firehouse that isn't in the best of conditions or very welcoming of the new female team member.

Just as many colleges and sport teams have hazing activities, so do firehouses. She's got her work cut out proving her own worth when she meets the Rookie. Determined to be taken seriously at the firehouse, Cassie tries to ignore the pull to him.

Forest with smoke plum rising from it

Chasing Fire by Nora Roberts is a different type of firefighter story. This action packed romantic suspense novel focuses on wildfires in the great outdoors of Montana. These firefighters are called smoke jumpers and literally jump from planes into danger and descend into the forest to cut down trees and battle the blaze on the ground.

This book also has a strong heroine - Rowan Tripp - who has the job in her bloodline with her father a legendary smoke jumper. Last season, Rowan lost her partner to the flames and now she's paired off with a rookie named Gulliver. He holds his own and is a phenomenal match to Rowan's leadership with a slow burn romance. Rowan's dad also has a romance in this novel :)

In additional to firefighting and romance, this book also has murder, sabotage, vandalism and arson.

If you haven't already read these firefighter romance novels, I hope that you give them a try today! I am sure that you'll enjoy them just as much as I did! Please feel free to let me know what your thoughts are and if there are others that you recommend I pick up!

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