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Gift Ideas for the Book Lover in Your Life

Updated: Jan 14

Are you looking for the perfect gift ideas for a book lover, teacher, employee or friend and struggling to come up with an idea? Read below for a variety of options that will light up the recipient's face when they receive it! Suggestions cover a full range of budgets.

Three nicely wrapped presents sitting in front of a background of twinkling lights
Gift Ideas for the Book Lover

We often think that just because someone likes a specific activity such as reading or listening to books, that the present that they'd enjoy the most is going to be another book. However, that can be very difficult if you aren't sure what type of books they like OR they have so many books already, and you aren't sure how to select one that they haven't already read.

Don't worry!

There are SO MANY MORE gift ideas that they'll appreciate that aren't an actual book!

Gift Concept #1 - Early bird gets the (book)worm:

Let's start with gifts for those early risers. You know the ones that I'm talking about - the people that get up early to seize the day. The morning represents their chill time when they get to truly appreciate the silence of the house before all of the hustle and bustle starts.

 Coffee mugs with fun or witty sayings are a great option for them and many of them are customizable. And if they are a bit of a coffee aficionado, consider an all-in-one Coffee Maker / Cappuccino with milk frother.

Coffee mug for book lover
Coffee Maker

Gift Concept #2 - Create a Cozy Reading Environment

Reading comes even easier when we are in a comfortable setting and feeling cozy.

Gift your reader a cozy blanket, fabulous slippers or funny socks, or even a bean bag chair to sink into! A decorative bookish throw pillow will show off their personality. Make it easy for them to read their books or kindles hands free with a tablet pillow stand.

Funny Socks
Bookish throw pillo
Bean bag chair

Gift Concept #3 - Night time Relaxation

For readers that prefer the evening to kick back and open a book, a specialty wine glass or wine tumbler would be an ideal present. If they are not one to imbibe, a great option is Novel Teas with literary quotes.

wine glass with female face and book
Novel Teas
Novelty wine Tumbler

Gift Concept #4 - Useful, wearable, or holiday items

This gift concept embraces the idea that there are items that the reader may utilize to track their books in addition to gifts that show off how much they enjoy their past time. These other gift options include Reading Logs, a cute bookish t-shirt, or even a holiday ornament.

Books with white vase
Marshmallow snowman with books
Shirt with book and "Just one more chapter"

Gift Concept #5 - The (bookish) gift that keeps on giving

The final three items are directly related to enjoying more books in the future. For a book lover that travels and wants to be able to read well even in the sun, not worry about water from a beach wave or a tub, while having access many books at a time, check out the Kindle Paperwhite.

Kindle paperwhite

For the book lovers that prefer to listen to audio books, a great gift idea is to provide an Audible Gift Membership. These can be 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, or a year in duration. There is also the option to get the Audible Membership if you know that this person really enjoys books and podcasts.

Keeping with the theme of audio books, there are lots of options for headsets including the full over the head noise cancelling style of headphones preferred by many people traveling on planes. On the flip side, if you think they'd prefer smaller, in-ear headphones, they also have noise cancelling capability.

Red Beats headphones
Black in-ear earphones

Gift Ideas for the Book Lover

As you can see, there are lots of options to brighten the day of a book lover in a wide range of prices to cover everyone's budget. If none of these are striking the right cord, don't forget the tried and true option that all book lovers enjoy and appreciate - a gift certificate to a local bookstore to pick out their next read.

Holiday Book Recommendations

Looking for the perfect way to keep track of your reading?

Books with a vase

Designed for avid book lovers, this thoughtfully crafted Reading Journal invites you to rate, review, and immortalize key thoughts and memorable quotes for up to 100 books as you devour them. Stay organized and manage your lists all in one convenient journal. Discover the perfect companion in its convenient compact size of 6"x9", ensuring portability without compromising on ample writing space. Immerse yourself in the joy of reading as you navigate the pages of this indispensable literary companion.

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Dec 01, 2023

So many fun ideas! My family has lots of avid readers so I’ll definitely keep these in mind, I love the fun socks especially! ~Christine

Sheila Hirschauer
Sheila Hirschauer
Dec 05, 2023
Replying to

The socks crack me up!

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