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Best Books to Break a Slump

Updated: Jan 13

Are you in a book slump? Not sure what to read next? This list of the best books are sure to break that slump and have you reaching for more books to read! These top rated books will have you turning pages until the very end - you won't be able to put them down. When you are finished, you'll want to read again! They are unforgettable and worthy of a reread!

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Best Books to Break a Slump

I've put this list in order from lighter rom-coms to general fiction to some intense thrillers and added a non-fiction favorite as well :)

Best Books to Break a Slump

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The Unhoneymooners by Christina Lauren is a Romantic Comedy that will leave you in stitches as Olive and Ethan take the honeymoon that was given to them when the bride and groom fell ill from food poisoning at their wedding. It was comedy gold when these two enemies were forced to enjoy a fantastic vacation together. Awkward moments aplenty!!! I went into this book thinking it would be a light read with not much meat on the bones; however, the author delivered so much more. The reader gets to see so many different relationships - between brothers, between twin sisters, the people they date and even family dynamics.

Without giving the story away, I'm pleased to say that when choices were given, the high road / ethical choice was taken in the book. Doesn't mean that is without pain or consequence, but glad to see it especially between Olive and her sister.

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Book Lovers by Emily Henry is perfect book for readers looking for a great #EnemiesToLovers romance novel. Nora is a New York City high level literary agent dressed to the nines and the epitome of professional. Also known by others as "The Shark" for her severe personality and strong work ethic. Charlie is a top editor in the city with the same impeccable fashion taste and a demeanor that has others running. Nora is late for her meeting with him and things don't go very well - he's just rejected her clients next book.

Years later, in a sleepy town of Sunshine Falls, North Carolina, Nora takes a month long adventure with her sister, Libby. She gets the first chapter from her client and is destroyed when she recognizes the main character to be her, "the Shark". Even worse, she's run into Charlie here, too - hundreds of miles away from NYC and now they are pushed together. #CloseProximity

Loved the book within a book idea and hearing a bit more about the editing process and how books are written. Close knit families help round this story out.

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The Dream Daughter by Diane Chamberlain is a book that has a very unique storyline and takes the reader on a journey spanning several decades. The main character, Caroline, is trying to figure out how she can help her unborn daughter that has a birth defect and in 1970, there is not much hope. But with a bit of faith in an unconventional solution, Caroline may have found a way to save her child.

This novel wonderfully captures many historical references and intertwines multiple relationships throughout the years. Kudos to Diane Chamberlain. Well done. One of my favorite books!

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How to Walk Away by Katherine Center starts this book with a first chapter that is so intense it will leave you with whiplash! Margaret's life is picture perfect until the unthinkable happens while she's on a date with her boyfriend. He wants to make the evening extra special with a flight but she's terrified of flying. She reluctantly agrees only to regret that decision when the plane that they are flying in crashes to the ground. Her life does a complete 180 and she's in the hospital needing to adjust to a new reality while dealing with heartbreak. This book is inspirational and heartwarming.

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Verity by Colleen Hoover is one of her most popular bestsellers. This contemporary thriller is filled with suspense, mystery, and romance all in one. Lowen is hired by Jeremy Crawford to complete an unfinished book by the popular author 'Verity Crawford' who has suffered traumatic injuries. Lowen moves into the Crawford home and immerses herself into Verity's notes and life as she works to complete the story. She discovers an unfinished autobiography hidden away also written by Verity that is terribly unsettling, but she's unable to share the details with her boss, Jeremy, as she's grown inappropriately close to him. This is a twisted novel that you can't put down!

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Behind Closed Doors by B.A. Paris is a Psychological Thriller that will have you sitting on the edge of your seat. The perfect couple, Jack and Grace, could be your next door neighbors. They have it all - money, a beautiful home, and a lovely family. Jack is a prominent attorney and Grace is the epitome of a perfect housewife making meals that would make a chef jealous and loving on her disabled younger sister, Millie. It's not long before you realize that things are not as they appear and that Grace is a poisoner in her own home.

Please note - this fast paced read is a very disturbing book and will illicit many strong emotions including a deep hatred for one of the primary characters. Please be aware there are many potential triggers.

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Finally, for anyone looking for the perfect non-fiction book to dive into, check out Atomic Habits by James Clear. It is a phenomenal guide to developing your own good habits (like reading more books!) while ending poor habits. This non fiction book provides practical strategies to achieving goals through simple steps. He includes stories throughout the book making it very relatable and inspiring. Very interesting to learn more about why things stick the way they do. The concepts provided can be translated into work life or personal life and he breaks it down step by step.

I hope that you've found some books from this list to read next! Enjoy!

More Book Recommendations!

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Sep 17, 2023

Great list! I love Atomic Habits and have been meaning to check out Verity. There are also tons of books on here I hadn’t heard of I’d love to check out. Thanks for sharing!

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