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Psychological Thrillers - Professional Twist

Updated: Jan 11

It's easy to become obsessed with psychological thrillers! They are the perfect read for when you want to dive into a book and think through a deep labyrinth of drama, exploring the often dark and demented minds of the wicked. When written well, the book will keep you thinking on your toes throughout the story line, always just one step ahead.

The spider web of deceit is even more intrinsically woven when one of the main characters is a lawyer or a trusted therapist. Those positions are usually well respected and revered, so having them as a primary character can spark some very interesting plot lines.

Cozy law or therapist office
Psychological Thrillers - Professional Twist

In some of the novels, their profession merely becomes part of the story. Or their character is the one that falls prey to the evil. And then in other thrillers, the character of lawyer or therapist earns our trust initially, and in an ultimate betrayal, turns out to be the villain.

Let's take a look at some of my favorite examples!

Gold Rose

The Golden Couple by Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen is a 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 5 star psychological thriller had my interest from the very beginning with a number of unexpected twists throughout and a rapid fire ending.

Matthew and Marissa are the epitome of a perfect couple just as one would imagine on Instagram. But as we all know, IG hides the truth of what is really happening behind the scenes and this marriage is no different. Marissa just made a huge mistake (infidelity) and wants to correct it, tell Matthew, and repair their relationship.

Enter AVERY - the counselor that Marissa brings Matthew to under false pretenses so that she can confess to her infidelity. Avery's counseling methods are highly unusual and have actually caused her to lose her license, yet she's at no shortage of patients seeking her guidance. She completely infiltrates their lives and has an intense 10 step process.

Lies and obsession. Secrets and history. All included in this book!

As an FYI, this powerhouse writing duo have a number of other books they've co-authored that I also enjoyed. The Wife Between Us, An Anonymous Girl, and You Are Not Alone - all very good and worth a read, and I think The Golden Couple is my personal favorite so far!

Black Leather couch against a white washed wall

Never Lie by Freida McFadden is a psychological thriller that I listened to on audio and finished in a day - Freida never disappoints me!

Tricia and Ethan are a young, newlywed couple ready to take the next step of buying a house. They've seen a few houses, but Ethan wants something secluded. He's found a house quite off the beaten path that is huge that he's fallen in love with so makes arrangements with their agent to see it in person.

Of course, it's so far off the path that cell service fades AND a major snowstorm has followed them in, trapping them in the house. They venture in for warmth and to wait out the storm only to discover a world of mysteries.

The previous owner of the house was Dr. Adrienne Hale, a psychiatrist that has also written a few books before she went missing several years ago.

As Tricia and Ethan explore the manor, Tricia discovers that the doctor had recorded all of her sessions with her clients. Curiosity getting the better of her, Tricia listens in to many of the sessions, piecing together the last few weeks of the doctors life.

Lots of ups and downs, twists and turns! Very easy to listen to.

White front door

Behind Closed Doors by B.A. Paris is a book selected for my book club and OH MY .. the discussions we had! So many emotions felt with this psychological thriller! There was one character in particular that we all HATED with a passion by the end of the book.

You've got the quintessential couple, Jack and Grace, whom everyone loves. He's a lawyer and she's a homemaker, planning perfect dinner parties and always looking perfectly put together. Grace has a younger, disabled sister that means the world to her ... and is actually part of how she met Jack.

For all of their perfection, there is a lot more hidden behind the curtains. Secrets kept from each other and from people outside their world ... and secrets have the ability to turn deadly.

Two wedding bands with a blood splatter

The Perfect Marriage by Jeneva Rose built momentum right from the start and offered plenty of twists and turns. And oh my gosh - an ending that I would have NEVER guessed!

Sarah Morgan is greeted by police one morning ... her husband, Adam, has been taken into custody for murder of his MISTRESS! Sarah had no idea that he had been cheating on her. But she doesn't think he's guilty of murder. And as the best defense attorney around, Sarah decides to represent him 😳

#jenevarose does a fantastic job of building suspense, introducing plot twists, and providing details real enough that I could imagine it unfolding before my eyes.

Partial female body on a couch

The Therapist by B.A. Paris read super fast AND I am pleased to say that I was WRONG when I guessed the ending! I even changed my mind multiple times throughout the book - and not one of my guesses was correct. I love it when that happens 🤓

Synopsis: Alice takes the plunge and decides to move in with Leo. They had looked at several houses together, but he finds one on his own and convinces her it's the perfect house for them. They move into the gated community only for Alice to find out that there are many secrets - including what happened in her home just a few years ago..

Alice starts digging around, but everyone is tight lipped and avoiding the subject. And she keeps getting spooked in her own house.

Should she let it go and create new memories in the house??? Or keep searching for the truth???

A dimly lit family room

The Good Lie by A.R. Toore is my first book by this author, and I'll be back for more! Be aware that this one is NOT for the faint at heart - it is fairly graphic in discussing crimes.

Six high school boys - all jocks and from wealthy families - have been kidnapped, held hostage, and then killed over a span of time.

Dr. Gwen Moore is a psychiatrist who works with very disturbed people.

Robert Kavin is an attorney and also the father of one of the victims. He meets Gwen, and they share an intimate night.

When the 7th victim escaped the hands of the killer and identified his captor, the town thought it was all over, and they were safe ... but were they??? Robert and Gwen work to get to the bottom of it all.

I hope that you enjoy reading these Psychological Thrillers with lawyers and psychiatrists! Happy Reading!

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